We hope that you will enjoy the pictures in our gallery. These give a good idea of what to expect at Holly-Garth and in the local area, but we also like our guests to have one or two nice surprises, so we have kept those for you to enjoy when you arrive. The food and drink in the photos demonstrate the fabulous quality goods that you can buy in and around Helmsley. Cakes are from Cinnamon Twist in Helmsley, and Mrs Botham’s of Whitby and Pickering. The pork pie and sausage rolls are from Hunters of Helmsley. Nespresso pods for the machine in Holly-Garth are available from the Co-op in Helmsley. The jam, cheese and North Yorkshire Hooting Owl Gin were from Thomas the baker in Helmsley.

The house photos are up-to-date as of October 2021.